Marburgs first Escape Room


Experience thrilling adventures together with your friends, your colleagues or your family. Enter a mysterious world full of secrets and accept the challenge!


Our Rooms are Escape Rooms of the next generation - they work without traditional locks and react directly to the players. Unfortunately only our room "Ra's curse" is available in English.


Ra´s curse


You have found the entrance to an ancient egyptian tomb and you could not resist to enter. Unfortunately, the stone door has closed immediately behind you and now you search for a way to escape the chambers full of treasures. You have only 60 minutes before the air runs out and a strange force seems to rule the place. Will you manage to find all the clues and to solve all the riddles?


About Escape Rooms


Escape Rooms are a new trend of active entertainment. Your group (2 – 6 players) enters a mysterious room and has to find a way out with the help of different clues and riddles. But you have only 60 minutes to win the game! During this time, you become the main characters in an exciting story and you find yourself in a fully different reality. Only those, who are team players and who think logically, can succeed. Support is being provided by the game master, who helps with clues if you get stuck.


About The Key


At The Key, a lot of different tasks in an authentic atmosphere are waiting for you. The game is professionally designed and the room reacts directly to your actions. We offer one of the most technically advanced rooms in Hesse – you will not find any traditional keys or locks and the riddles are perfectly integrated into the story. The game is suitable for experienced escapers but also for beginners and it provides fun for players of all ages. Due to a special version for kids, the game can also be mastered by younger players of at least the age of 11.


How to book


The room "Ra's curse" is available in English. Unfortunately, our booking calendar is only in German, so if you want to book, you can contact us per mail or phone. If you use our booking calender anyway, please send us an email with the information that you want to play in English. We recommend to book some time in advance. However, if you like to play spontaneously, you can ask for vacant time slots. We are open from Thursday till Sunday. Prices are listed here.


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The Key - Real Life Escape Games
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